About me

Hypnotherapy has become my passion. It gives me great joy when a client finds the solution to their problem and transforms their life.


My name is Tara and I have been learning about how the brain works for many years. As a child growing up I loved to read stories. I loved the way a story brings you so many different characters and interesting personalities. As I grew up I began to understand more about the psychology of the characters in the books I read. I was fascinated by how the mind works in driving characters to act in certain ways. A child unable to resist dipping her finger in chocolate sauce, a mother running into a burning house to save her child, or a man so desperate to feed his family that he resorts to robbery.

This interest in the human mind lead me to a degree in Psychology, then a Masters in Health Psychology followed by 15 years working in social research before eventually discovering the power of hypnotherapy.

Through hypnotherapy I assist clients to find the wisdom to know what needs to change and the courage to make those changes.

It would be my absolute pleasure to work with you. Do get in touch.